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myRent is using all the latest technologies and online platforms so landlords are able to take advantage of managing their properties from anywhere, anytime.

For landlords

phonelink_ring Work from anywhere

For the modern landlord, immediate access to their property or tenancy data is an essential part of running an effective and efficient property management business.

myRent understands that no one is more dedicated to managing investment properties than the property owner. Unlike traditional property management, myRent is built to work around landlord's busy schedules. It's available all day, every day and can be accessed anywhere on any device.

insert_emoticon Effortless organisation

myRent keeps all the records in one central place making organising tenancy paperwork effortless. Landlords can now access all the tenancy documents, rental reports, maintenance requests on the go. Any maintenance issues or document signing can be done anywhere landlords are online using mobile, tablet or desktop.

wifi Easy access

All the rental information is easily accessible 24/7. You can upload new tenancy documents or create new property inspection reports from any device in any location. Landlords can just as easily download all the documents to their computer if they ever need them.

lock_outline Never lose your data again

All the documents and communications with tenants are backed up so that nothing ever gets lost.

notifications_active Do less work with automatic reminders

No more missed maintenance calls, forgotten deadlines, or lost emails from tenants.

myRent takes care of:
- rent collection reminders
- chasing payments
- notifications of rental payments
- reminders to organise property inspections
- prompts to sign/lodge important paperwork
- maintenance requests
- expiring leases
- reminders to look into tenancy agreement review
- reminders to consider rental increase
- much more

For tenants

myRent is a faster, simpler, smarter way for tenants to connect with their landlord, submit maintenance requests, update payment details, and access tenancy information.

myRent is designed to be simple, transparent, and easily accessible.

done_all Stress-free on-boarding

myRent manages tenants on-boarding from start to finish, ensuring seamless pain-free process that can be completed within minutes using mobile, tablet, or desktop.

monetization_on Stay in control of rent payments

Tenants stay in control of their payments. They can easily switch between payment methods, change their payment split with other co-tenants, and pay in advance anytime. Tenants will also receive timely reminders to help them keep on track.

devices_other Easy access

Tenants can access all the tenancy documents, upload tenancy agreements and bond registration forms from anywhere, anytime.

linked_camera Maintenance made easy

Maintenance is easy. No more back and forth phone calls and unanswered emails. myRent is available 24/7 for tenants to grab their phone, take a few snaps or videos of the problem and send it directly to the landlord for attention.

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