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myRent takes data and security very seriously to ensure you are protected.

myRent needs to collect a reasonable amount of personal information from both the landlord and tenants in order to manage a tenancy. We understand for some people this is confronting, but you can rest assured we are doing everything to ensure your data is secure and is being respected.

phonelink_lock We hate spam

We don’t sell, share, or provide access to your information to any other company without your permission, so you will not receive any unwanted emails, texts, phone calls or mail. You can be confident that your information is only being used for what you give it to us for: managing your tenancies.

lock Encrypted connections to our servers

All requests to our server are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption (same as what your online banking uses) so your data is safe as it travels from our servers to you and back again. You can confirm encryption by looking for the padlock on your browser's URL bar.

security Industry standard servers and software

We keep our systems up-to-date and tested using the industry standard best practices. Our servers are built by Heroku and hosted on AWS, two of the largest and proven industry experts. Our website software is built on the "Ruby on Rails" framework which is one of the largest platforms for custom web software and the basis of many of the sites Kiwi’s use on a daily basis.

credit_card Safe credit card details

All our card payments are made through Stripe, one of the world's largest digital payment providers who is PCI-certified to Level 1 (the highest level). When you set up a credit card with us, the information is handled by Stripe's secure systems and is not stored on our servers or database so you can have even more confidence your details are safe.

account_balance We bank with ANZ

All payments to and from us will be made from our ANZ bank account using their proven systems.

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